• Anjuli

Into the Unknown We Go!

U P D A T E: it is with a big mixed Santa sized bag of emotions that we announce that our 2 year long battle with infertility has dropped us at IVF’s doorstep. We’ve tried the old fashion way, we’ve tried medication, we’ve tried insemination.. I have even stood on my head and ate a whole damn pineapple rind, and here we are. we tried. did we see ourselves here? nope. but we’re doing it. and we’re equally excited and scared. We are the closest we’ve ever been to holding our baby in our arms. our hope is that at the end of this month we will be parents to beautiful little embryo babies. We opted to piggy-back from my last cycle to avoid having to take birth control (because it makes me more insane than I already am) so things are moving really quickly and we are trying to keep up. Consultations, consent forms, more consent forms, so many appointments, ultrasounds and blood work every couple of days, webinars, classes - were absorbing and learning so much. We’re making decisions we never thought we’d have to make. My body has been under so much pressure especially in the past 7 months and it will surely be pushed even harder in the coming month(s) with medications, injections, hormones, surgery + more. I know that I am strong and I am capable of doing hard things. We got this. (sometimes I need a little reminder!) We have an amazing support system behind us to cheer us on and remind us how loved we are throughout this entire journey (including all of you!!). We are so grateful that this is an option for us and that our care team is beaming with optimism for us and our case. IVF could bring us our beautiful little baby with real life fingers and toes for us to kiss endlessly and that thought seems unreal and wildly exciting.

One foot in front of the other! Into the unknown we go!


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